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Dear Praying Friends:

On August 11 observant Jewish people worldwide will stop to remember Tisha b'Av, or the 9th day of the month of Av. It is a solemn day of fasting and synagogue worship. On this day Jewish people remember the destruction of The Temple, first in 586 BC by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, and in 70 AD by The Romans. I remember being in Jewish summer day camps growing up where we learned about this day and how the evil Babylonians and Romans did "bad things to Israel." There was NEVER a recognition of why God allowed this. The best answer to that question is found in Jeremiah 25:10 and 29:10. Israel was judged for choosing to not keep 70 Sabbatical years as instructed by Moses in The Law (see Leviticus 25:1ff)

Israel's Hope Ministries exists to teach The Word, & to encourage the church to be an example of God's love through Messiah Jesus to the Jewish community. This small 'tidbit' of information can be used to show Jewish people that their God came in the form of a man, Who willingly went to a Roman cross in order to die in place of you & me as payment for our sins. Consider what this means, as we live in a world that regularly condemns the geopolitical nation Israel as an aggressor state, when in fact she is not. Time could be short. With sabre rattling by Iran, and their continued funding of Hamas and Hezbollah, aimed at annihilating Israel, tensions in the Middle East have not been this bad since the 1967 & '73 wars!

It is the middle of summer. Our ministry work continues. For us to go forward during this time we continue to rely on The Lord by faith that His people might provide what is needed. Presently there is a
special need of $3,500.00 to sustain ministry through July & August. Pray with us for this current need.

Our weekly teaching is available online on our YouTube channel. Simply search for ihopecanada.
Thank you for standing with us. Your prayers at this time are as always, essential to carrying through.

Family News

Many of you know the health challenges I, (Ron) faced this spring. Three ambulance rides back to hospital, and a three-day admission in May did deduce that I had been battling post surgical infection. This could have contributed to the two fainting episodes I had. After that second episode I was informed by the Ministry of Transportation that my driving privileges are suspended until I get medically cleared. That process begins in the second week of July. Please pray that this is renewed soon. Many of you know of the need to drive for ministry.

Pray for Hilary ...not only has she had to pick up a lot of things that I do here at home, she also has had to become the family chauffeur. We returned from taking Joshua to Handi-Camp in NJ. She does not like highway driving, but she did the job, nonetheless. This all with another "stress" on her plate.

Hilary's identical twin sister has been in a nursing home in Montreal for close to 20 years. She has MS. On their joint birthday celebration on May 4th, Dianne 'passed out' at the end of that time. An ambulance was dispatched, and she has been an inpatient at Jewish General Hospital in Montreal since. After investigation they discovered a large cancerous tumour. The course of action was radiation to shrink the tumour to then get it to the "right size" to operate and remove it. That surgery took place on July 4th. The tumour was successfully removed, and they believe they got all the cancer. However, during the procedure her BP bottomed out twice. There was also a 'nick' on the bladder line which required getting another surgeon in to get that repaired, which lengthened the procedure.

Dianne was placed in recovery but kept sedated overnight in order to monitor her blood pressure. Had there been another BP episode they were to move her to ICU. That did not happen, praise God.
Hilary's sister Dianne is not a follower of Messiah. Hilary is quite burdened for her sister currently, as always. Please pray that The Lord open a door to share The Gospel with her. She has had other believers in her life in the past. Pray that something she has heard might return to mind and draw her to Jesus.
Pray for Hilary who continues to do the large amount of day to day activities while I cannot still drive.
Thank you for standing with us regarding our family

From the desk of
Rev. Ron Grossman
President of Israel's Hope Ministries of Canada
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