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Dear Praying Friends:

It has been awhile since we last wrote to you. As you read on you will understand.

The past 2 months have provided different challenges. However we can report the following:

Hilary is no longer the designated driver.

In early July our family doctor signed off on the request to reinstate my drivers permit. (I had two episodes of loss of conscience experience and the doctors were required to report to the ministry of Transportation resulting in my permit suspension until medically cleared). My license was reinstated the week of August 12, marking the end of what was a three month time of being the passenger all summer. I enjoyed being the passenger, but the downside was the extra cost of using a lot of Uber to get to various medical appointments. Each one of those events was an opportunity to share The Gospel with drivers I had, including one who drove me three different times. One driver of Muslim background listened intently as I told him that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has space in His Heaven for both Jewish and Gentile people alike. This I told him included us both, myself a descendant of Abraham, and he, a self described "son of Ishmael." Out of a difficult situation, God opened doors to share His truth about Jesus. But, there was one very interesting opportunity with a "son of Abraham" that took place the last Friday in August in Toronto.

I went to see the Blue Jays with two of my three sons. Joshua and I took the GO Train from our son Daniel's home. It was an outing for the three of us. Daniel met us at the stadium after work that Friday. Josh and I waited for an hour in line at the disabled entrance. While there a man who was seated beside me engaged me in conversation. We spoke for more than an hour. In that time I found out that Allan, (not my brother), is a professor of mathematics at University of Toronto. He is quite proud of his Jewish heritage. If he had ever married, he would have named his sons exactly the same names as my boys, (Daniel, Noah & Joshua). "Why, I asked.. His response was; "they're good Jewish names from The Bible."

Oh, so you believe in The Bible, then, I responded. "NO," was Allan's response. The Bible is a feel good book. Belief in God is an "opiate." My reply was, "so you are a communist, religion being the opiate of the nations, as according to the communist manifesto?" Oh no! I am no communist, Allan responded. This exchange went on for over an hour. In the end his "logic" broke down. He had no explanation for how the world came into being. It reminded me of when Jesus said "the people are sheep without shepherds." Those who keep animals know that sheep, will wander away into all kinds of danger, which is why shepherds keep watch. Allan accepted two tracts from me, said he would look at our web-page and look at our online teaching. ( Please pray. Your giving to I-Hope allows us to continue to serve in this way. Thank you for standing with us in prayer.

From the desk of
Rev. Ron Grossman
President of Israel's Hope Ministries of Canada
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Shalom in Christ,
Israel's Hope
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