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Faithfully providing a Biblically-based outreach ministry for more than 30 years.
From the desk of
Rev. Ron Grossman
President of Israel's Hope Ministries of Canada
Who We Are...
We are a Canadian based mission dedicated to reaching Jewish people -- and all of God's people -- with The Gospel, through the work of direct evangelism, along with Bible preaching and teaching so as to equip the church in the Great Commission.

Where We Serve...
Across Canada and the Eastern coast of the United States through our American partners.

What We Do...
Evangelism, training in evangelism, local community based Bible studies, pulpit ministry in the local church. Church planting where there is a proven need.
Our Christmas/Chanukah 2019 Prayer Letter
Shalom in Christ,
Israel's Hope
Ministries of Canada
Israel's Hope Ministries
is a faith mission dedicated to Bible teaching and evangelism to Jewish and Gentile people, in co-operation with local churches and where seen, as needed, the planting of local churches where a missionary is operating on behalf of the ministry.
Israel's Hope Ministries exists
to preach the Gospel to Jewish people and to help equip the local church for this task.
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Dear Praying Friends;
Here is our end of year update including ministry and Hilary's family updates.

As Hilary outlines, what a year, but much was accomplished. Here in a nutshell are some highlights.

The Lord allowed for me to travel to renew connections with churches and individuals in February/March, through the Mid-Atlantic/Southeast USA, Atlantic Canada in September/October, and in November with churches in NY/NJ. The result was new support from one of the churches visited, and from an individual who attends down south as a "snowbird." Praise God for how He worked this through. Our conferences took place in Montreal and Ottawa in November. For the first time we included these meetings on our new YouTube channel as we expanded our online ministry through YouTube. Our Facebook communities remain in place as Israel's Hope Ministries. Our church plant in Ottawa has morphed into an online church. We have documented people looking in from all points on the globe. On Sunday I am teaching Hebrews and on Wednesday The Book of Acts. Bible studies are going on in earnest in Montreal and Toronto, praise God. Jewish believers are attending in both those locations. Pray for this part of our work to go forward. You can check out our online work by going to our revamped web-site at There you will also find the YouTube click-on icon to view the Bible teaching that we are doing right now.

I had my surgical date in early April. Recovery, as Hilary describes in her letter section here, became difficult. Please pray as I continue with treatments as a result of surgery that begins in December and will go through February.

I was "out of commission" for 4 months, not being allowed to drive, basically homebound during the recovery period. However The Lord gave me much to do. When I needed to get to subsequent medical appointments, one of our neighbours drove me. When he could not, I used Uber. I had one driver 3x; a retired Gov. of Canada employee. He heard The Gospel on one trip, and carefully avoided discussion after that. I also had three Muslim background drivers, and each time our discussions turned to 'world affairs, and faith issues.' The last driver I had, just before my license was reinstated was so taken by one comment I made: "The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has room in His Heaven for anyone from whatever background they come from, Jewish like me or Muslim like you. You must trust Jesus as Messiah." He was offered a tract, and he took it.
In late August, at a Blue Jays game while waiting to enter at the disabled section with Joshua a Jewish man named Alan sat with us.

"What do you do, he enquired?" I replied, "I teach The Bible." "I teach too, Alan said, "at University of Toronto in mathematics." He enquired as to "which Bible" I used. I explained to him The Gospel, beginning with Genesis 12:1-3 and other Hebrew Scriptures. He referred to religion as being an 'opiate for the masses.'
"Oh, you're a communist then," I asked? 'Absolutely not," was his response. He continued in discussion willingly on his part until the gates opened. He took a tract and my card and promised to follow up. He still has not. Pray for Alan. It is these daily activities that form a good part of ministry.

Being on the sidelines had other perks. Our Board Chairman thought it was time to renew the look of our brochures, and he found a good source to do that through. So, we began this process. I also was able to write 2 new brochures during this time. Pray with us that The Lord provides what is needed at this time.
As we close 2019 I am asking you to pray for The Lord to send needed resources. We are trusting Him to meet a needed $5.000.00 in order to close the year well and start 2020 well. Would you pray to that end, please? Now for family news from Hilary...

Family Update-Grossman's Ottawa

2019 ends with thankfulness and gratefulness for The Lord's strength through a challenging year. Ron had surgery in April. What should have been a quick recovery became a 4-month ordeal. The first night home, Ron fainted and rushed to hospital by ambulance. We were there until 2:30 am and sent home with instructions to see our family doctor. Then came a 2rd trip by ambulance two weeks later. On that ER admission a post surgical infection was diagnosed. Another 2 weeks later a 3rd ambulance trip to hospital resulted in a 4-day admission attached to a heart monitor. They were looking for heart related issues as this admission was the result of another fainting event at home. Finally doctors gave him the correct cocktail of medications for further infection, and he came home on Mother's Day. A homecare nurse came every other day to change bandages and to watch for infection. Due to the episodes of fainting, Ron had his drivers licence revoked. I became the driver for 4 very long months! I drove to Oshawa, Bradford, New Jersey, Montreal, Cornwall and everything in between. I REALLY do not like driving. Still, The Lord took me out of my comfort zone. Working full time, taking care of Ron and being Josh's taxi to Special Olympics and other outings, did not leave time for very much. Exhaustion became my middle name. Thankfully, Ron's driver's licence was reinstated at the end of August, just as we were headed down to see Daniel and family. The Lord was good, sparing me illness! Wait, there is more.

In May, my twin sister and I celebrated our "coming of age"! My niece hosted a lovely lunch at a nice restaurant in Montreal. Most of our entire family was there to help us celebrate. We had wonderful food, great decorations (Montreal Canadiens being the main theme) and a cake from our nephew in the shape of a hockey puck! As we were having our family photo taken, my sister became very ill. An ambulance was called. Her daughter accompanied her in the ambulance. Katie's children were taken home by our youngest niece and Noah and family went back to Ottawa. Josh and I headed to the hospital, staying until evening, being assured that Dianne was well taken care

I went back 4 days later to relieve my niece, (she lives in Connecticut) as she had work and the kids had school. I stayed with my other niece who lived 10 minutes from the hospital. The 2nd day I was there, I got a call from Josh, that Ron again went by ambulance to hospital, (see above). I went to say goodbye to my sister and drove back to Ottawa. Dianne is totally disabled by MS, so it took a while to diagnose her situation. When diagnosed they discovered rectal cancer. The result was a 3-month hospital stay that included radiation, then surgery, resulting in a colostomy. She is now back at her nursing home.

Daniel and family are doing well. However, at the beginning of the year, his wife Annamaria, was hospitalized as well. Doctors quickly diagnosed her and now she is doing very well! She is teaching high school this year and really enjoying it. Rebekah turned 5 in Sept; is in senior kindergarten and loving it! Abby will be 4 in March and is in her last year of daycare. Their summer was special as Annamaria's parents took the whole family on an Alaskan cruise for 2 weeks! Swim lessons and gymnastics in the summer and gymnastics and ballet through autumn/winter keep them very busy! Daniel still commutes to work in Toronto, a 1 ½ hour drive each way and is busy as Youth Sponsor in his church.

Noah and family are also doing well. Ivy turned 5 in May and is enjoying senior kindergarten. Sam was 3 in early December and started preschool this year. He goes 3 mornings a week and enjoys his time. Theo turned 1 in October and is always smiling! Ivy and Sam are busy with swim lessons. Noah is chairman of his elders' board at church and plays bass on one of the worship teams. With 3 young ones, life is busy! Holly works hard keeping schedules straight!

Josh had an exciting year with Special Olympics. He represented Ottawa at the Provincials in 5-pin bowling, in Oshawa in June. We were so proud of him when he was presented his bronze medal! In May of 2020 his basketball team will represent Ottawa in the Provincial games! This time we will travel to Waterloo to cheer the team on.

My contract with Indigenous Services Canada was renewed until July 2020. In early December I was told not to worry as there is plenty of work and they fully expect me to be around for a while!
This year we've said goodbye to several good friends. It has been hard, yet I know I we will see them all again. Couple that with the events described above and I can say to you with certainty that HE got me through, HE sustained me, HE answered prayer, HE never forgot me.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed and have sacrificed to see us to go forward. We could not and cannot do this without you. May The Lord bless you all at this Chanukah/Christmas season and further bless you into 2020.