"Let Israel hope in the Lord…"   
Psalm 130:7             

Our goal is to lovingly present the Gospel to anyone who God brings to us… to the Jew first and also to the Gentile.                                   (Romans 1:16)


Nothing Has Changed- Ambiguity Continues


After Israel entered into Gaza last winter to root out the source of daily missile attacks into her southern cities, Israel was portrayed as an aggressor nation that practices apartheid. What was once a battle over land and associated claims has turned into a war of competing ideologies. It is a war that is often fought in the halls of powerful government buildings in capitals far away from The Middle East itself. When one considers the various blocks of countries that have commented and inserted themselves into “the Middle East conflict” it is very apparent that what is said is as important as to what is done. In early August the Fatah wing of the Palestinian Authority convened its first congress in 20 years. One keynote speaker was PA president Mahmoud Abbas. He was quoted by Mohammed Assadi that “resistance would remain an option” as Palestinians sought peace with Israel. Abbas was quoted further to say “Although peace is our choice, we reserve the right to resistance, legitimate under international law.” Assadi further wrote that Abbas “used a term that encompasses armed confrontation as well as nonviolent protests.” This is the continued dichotomous language that has come from the PA since Yassar Arafat offered “the peace of Saladin” when accepting the Oslo Accords on the White House lawn in 1993.

The ensuing stream of suicide bombers that entered Israel for the next few years was one of the worst periods in recent memory within Israel. That was terror to its “enth degree.” Israel chose to erect “the fence” to keep these undesirables and their “Saladin peace” out of the land. Of course, Israel has been condemned for erecting this fence. The charges of apartheid grew out of that. Yet we must question just who will step up and challenge this speech from Abbas? History has shown that despite there being someone at the head of the PA, too often leadership is ignored and the renegades have their day. President Obama has taken initial steps at trying to “encourage” movement towards some form of peace. Yet one thing remains clear; the more Israel concedes to any of her enemies, the more there is a price extracted of her. The cost is always in the lives of innocent people. If the PA truly wants peace, then the utterance of ambiguous statements as quoted above need to be retracted. True action will only come in this time from frank and honourable negotiations. But one thing that prevents this is ongoing sin. Until the true Prince of Peace comes to rescue His people, we can sadly expect more ambiguity. Maranatha!


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