Dear Praying Friends,

July is usually my vacation time. I am ‘technically off” but in The Gospel ministry, there are “no off days.” People to people contacts continue. Allow me to share two recent ones with you.

I was with my son Joshua as we visited two ‘sports memorabilia stores,’ something we like to do together. At the end of one visit the conversation turned to life disappointment the store clerk encountered. He was ‘en-route’ to a university scholarship in sports when he suffered a career ending injury. His work now is on the outside of “the big show” as he called it, working in the store we were in that day. I was able to share with him how this life is very temporary, as are athletic careers. “Where will you spend eternity,” I asked? Pray for Mike who accepted my e-mail address and said he would consider reading The Bible he has at home.

The next day I was at a Foot Locker when I had a chat with the on-duty security guard. We talked about the needing to have of security in a sports clothing store, but such is the age we are in. He looked sad and I asked him of this. That day was the day of his older brother’s death. They had been separated when he was 12 and his brother was almost 14. Their Mom had died, and their father was not on the scene. Family in another city took them both but sent the older brother back home to be with another family member. This brother would go on to a short life of crime and eventually was murdered. Calden told me how he survived, going into the army, and coming to faith in Christ. He was saddened that day wondering where his brother was. When I asked him if his brother had ever responded to Christ. The answer was yes, but he never seemed to live it. To Calden I said we do not know what happened when his brother slipped into eternity. If his salvation profession was real, we will find out in eternity. God’s Word never comes back void. This appeared to give solace to Calden that day. Please pray for Calden. He also accepted my e-mail for follow-up.

These are the ‘events’ that you cannot let go by while on vacation. You who are reading this today know of our work. It continues during the summer. Our giving has taken its usual summer dip. In order to ‘get through’ the rest of the summer we need to make up for what has not come in the past few weeks. Specifically, we need to make up about $4000.00 right now. Please pray that The Lord send what is needed at this time and through August and September. Our Fall Conferences and travel schedule is fully planned with only one more date needing to be confirmed in November. Please pray that The Lord open that last date for us.

If you are in Montreal and Ottawa or close by, our Fall Bible Conference will take place in these cities. Please see below for times and locations.

We do appreciate all of you who sacrifice and pray for us and with us. May God bless you through the summer season.


Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman

Dear Praying Friends,

April and May were our most productive and busy late winter/spring ministry periods ever.

I returned from my Southeast USA travels, March 29. We praise God for new contacts on that trip.
After one week at home, Hilary accompanied me to the Cree Reserve in Mistissini, QC. We had been invited for a week of Gospel & Prophecy meetings, April 8-16. Our travels were by car to Montreal and with by Air Creebec to Chibougamau. Attendance at all meetings was good, and interest was high. We were both interviewed on local radio which allowed for The Gospel to go further. Our return travel day flight was delayed more than 3 hours. The ice storm that had hit Ontario the previous weekend arrived in time to create just enough havoc. The people from Air Creebec told us that they rarely cancelled flights. People in the terminal in Chibougamau with other carriers were progressively sent home as they were cancelled. Our plane arrived just before 6 PM and we were off the ground at 6:15, more than 3 hours late, but in the air. Praise God The Lord got us home. We are looking forward to another visit there for similar meetings next year.

While in Mistissini we began “broadcasting our meetings” live on Facebook. After they were recorded they were posted to our I-Hope Community pages, specifically: Israel’s Hope Ministries Discussion Group and Israel’s Hope Ministries.

After returning home and seeing the response to those meetings online we began to experiment with live broadcasts of Israel’s Hope Bible Church. We are now making this a regular part of ministry and broadcast our message most Sundays. Starting June 3 our Sunday morning message will air online about 11:15 AM. Please note these times are approximate, as our worship and prayer time is not entirely constrained to time. If you wish to join us this summer online go to Israel’s Hope Ministries Community Page. “Like” the page, and then join us. If you have questions about what you hear you may private message me on Facebook and I will answer as able. But, here is what is exciting about this new endeavour…

When people “tune in,” I see on screen who joins us. There have been regular visits from three Jewish men I have shared The Gospel with in recent months. Please pray that The Lord uses this new media as a means to see salvation go out to those who tune in.

The Lord has met our needs the past month. The summer months loom. We did not “totally make budget for the past month. If The Lord allows you, would you consider a special offering to assist us in the coming months, June through September.

Please also pray as I complete plans for our annual Atlantic Canada ministry trip. That will occur as always, Lord willing after September 17 and through October 2.

Because of your prayer and sacrifice we are able to continue. We praise God for each of you and what you do for us. We do say thank you and above all, praise God for all He does through you.

Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman


Dear Praying Friends,

July was my vacation time. I was ‘technically off” but The Gospel ministry, affords “no off days.” People to people contacts continued. Here are two contacts from last month.

I was spending one of my last days off investigating some online interests I have in the history of baseball. As my interactions continued with a few people on a social media group on this subject, a Jewish man, “M” >>INSERTED<< himself into the discussion. Before long he added to this discussion that “we’re interacting with a Messianic Jew.” It had nothing to do with the subject mater. His indignation with me continued regardless of my not responding to the baiting I was receiving. “What is it that angers you, I asked?” His reply: “I just love >exposing people like you.”< Since the discussion had nothing to do with faith items, it was obvious he had “looked me up,” to see who I was. In all this I can claim Matthew 5:10. There is a blessing for some of what is endured here during this life. This is not the first time I have experienced this, and it will not be the last. Please pray for M.

A couple that we know are experiencing family issues. Again, being on vacation when I was contacted, I provided support as able. Please pray for this situation.

These are the ‘events’ that you cannot let go by while on vacation. You who are reading this today know of our work. It continues during the summer. Our giving has taken its usual summer dip during July. In order to ‘get through’ the rest of the summer we need to make up for what has not come in the past month. Specifically, we need to make up about $5000.00 right now, on top of what is needed to operate day to day. Please pray that The Lord send what is needed at this time and through August and September. Our Fall Conferences and travel schedule is fully planned. There is still one more date needing to be confirmed in November. Please pray that The Lord open that last date for us.

If you are in Montreal and Ottawa or close by, our Fall Bible Conference will take place in these cities. Please see below for times and locations.

We do appreciate all of you who sacrifice and pray for us and with us. May God bless you through the summer season.


Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman


Dear Praying Friends,

Eight days ago, I returned from a 30-day ministry trip, which consisted of 3 house meetings, 4 church speaking dates, 1 cancelled church date, & countless witnessing opportunities in day to day activities. We praise God for the evangelism & edification times. Pray that the tracts left with people, & The Gospel explained, bears fruit.

As we write this, Hilary and I are preparing to leave on a very different ministry trip. We depart Montreal for Northern Quebec, to hold a week of meetings with a two-fold aim: 1) Correct wrong teaching in Biblical eschatology. 2) Preach The Gospel. This will occur in Mistassini Lake, Quebec. This is indigenous territory of the Cree Nation, in the James Bay Region, home to the largest Hydro Electric power dam in the world. This community struggles with many of the same things that affect so many First Nations peoples. Pray with us, that The Lord moves upon the region & the people, and that there might be visible fruit from these meetings. We are there from April 9-16.

We praise God for His provision. There are three other prayer requests at this time. 1) On our return from this trip we will be meeting with a gentleman who is praying about ministry potential with us. Pray for “B” and ask with us that The Lord might have His way made clear to us. 2) We also are still praying about a potential new board member. Pray that The Lord move in that as well.

3) We ask you to also pray regarding current support needs. Giving is down in the last month. We are entering the slower giving time of the year. Please pray with us that The Lord provide what is needed now and into the summer. As a faith ministry we rely on The Lord to move His people in His time.

For those who have asked, Hilary has been renewed at Canada Revenue Agency until end of September. We praise God for this. She would prefer to be working full time here with me in ministry, which is what we are praying for. This extra time might just be what is needed to provide that needed support. Please pray.

We praise God for you all and do appreciate your prayer and sacrifice for us.


Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman


Dear Praying Friends,

Please pray with us for the following:

  1. Ongoing Bible studies in Montreal and Toronto. Because of health issues in our host home in Toronto this winter we have been postponed. Our hosts are moving, so we will reconvene in Toronto in September.
  2. Israel’s Hope Bible Church in Ottawa. Please pray for the church body while I am away on our annual March ministry trip.
  3. I-Hope webpage: The rebuild of our web site continues. During this time, you can find out other things we are doing by going on Facebook to: Israel’s Hope Ministries, Israel’s Hope Discussion Page, and Israel’s Hope Bible Church.
  4. Day to day ministry: The Lord has given us ongoing contacts. Please pray that we be used of Him to be a witness, as per Romans 1:16
  5. March Ministry Trip: As you read this I will be on our annual trip of Feb. 28-March 29. The purpose of this month-long trip is two-fold: To visit supporting churches and to initiate new ministry contacts. Pray that The Lord bring new prayer partners and perhaps new supporters.
  6. Our Board & Potential Staff: We ask you to pray for workers for the harvest; Luke 10:2. The Lord may be providing a new board member. Please pray for wisdom as we proceed in this.
  7. We’ve accepted a call to preach in Mistassini, Quebec from April 9-16. This is sub-arctic Quebec, specifically the James Bay region. Hilary will accompany me. A missionary there has worked behind the scene to arrange for this. The call is two-fold: There is a dearth of proper teaching on eschatology. There is also a need for community revival. Pray for The Lord to prepare hearts to hear The Word, and for those who need salvation.
  8. Pray that The Lord provide resources for ministry to proceed into the spring and summer. We ask you to pray for Hilary to either continue in her outside job, set to end on March 31, or for The Lord to provide the appropriate support for her to join me full time.
  9. We are coming up on Passover/Easter. Would you pray and consider a special gift to I-Hope at this time?

It is The Lord who moves you to pray and sacrifice for us. Praise God for all He does.


Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman


Dear Praying Friends,

We are closing out an eventful year. Here is an update of Ministry News…

The Lord has been gracious to us through this year. He has met needs repeatedly. We trust in a sovereign God Who knows all things. We live as faith missionaries here, trusting God to provide all that we need. He has not forgotten us. The Lord has moved some of you to sacrifice for us. To you we say thank you. The Lord has moved many of you to pray for us. To you we say thank you. Regardless of how you have come along side us in 2017, we cannot go forward without any of you.

Here are some Ministry Highlights from this year….

Bible Study Outreach

Our previous Ottawa host, Lillian suffered a fall in June, shortly after we stopped our study for the summer. Lillian has now gone to live in assisted living and is not up to hosting a study there. We are hoping to begin a new study in a new location sometime in 2018. There are two potential locations.

In Montreal we still meet on the West Island, but attendance is low. There is a possibility to moving the study group one time per month into a more central part of the city. Please pray.

In Toronto area our son and daughter-in-law host our study there. Attendance is better here. One of our board members attends with us and brings a believer we were reconnected with last year, originally from Montreal. In the New Year we hope to collaborate with Dan & Annamaria’s church as being one of their community study groups. Please pray.

Conference Outreach

We held our annual Bible Prophecy Update Meetings in Montreal and Ottawa in October and November. In Montreal, Onward Gospel Church again collaborated with us, but their building is under reconstruction. We had a couple step up who opened their home up to host our annual meeting. Attendance was limited due to space but of the 15 spaces available, we had all spots taken with one person cancelling due to illness. The Lord sent His people and we praise God for Sara and Sergio stepping up to help.

In Ottawa, attendance was the same as Montreal. We do praise The Lord for those who sacrificed and gave at both meetings. All needs were met including those for our special co-speaker, Pastor Mike Ferreira of Marcoux Road Gospel Church in Alexandria, ON. Next year George Ferrier will rejoin me for our annual conference on Oct. 25 in Montreal and October 27 in Ottawa. We hope you will join us.

Evangelism & Israel’s Hope Church

Our church plant in Ottawa continues to meet as a house church. Please pray for a new mid week Bible study to begin sometime in 2018 as part of the church and as our Ottawa study.

Evangelism is a daily activity

One recent experience is highlighted here:

I was at a local shopping mall. As I entered a store a man followed me in and asked me “what injuries” caused me to use a four-wheel walker. We spoke about knee replacements, auto accidents and related injuries I sustained playing baseball. “George” spoke about growing up playing Little League Baseball, and how he enjoyed it. He then remarked how his body had now betrayed as he now suffered with Parkinson’s Disease. I asked him about the future, and the promise of a new body. “Oh, you are one of those after-life people!” He was then told this:

>Everyone who has ever lived will live forever. Where do you want to spend forever? With God or separated from God? <

He was offered a tract. At first, he refused, but still wanted to talk. As we did, he softened in his reluctance to take a tract. At first, he said he was of the “Roman Catholic religion.” He did not want any more religion. What is your religion? I told him I was a Jewish believer in Jesus, and that I was not part of religion but now had faith in the true God. I explained that Jesus was The Messiah for both Jewish and Gentile people. George had softened and was now willing to take a tract. We had many experiences like this one throughout this year that now is closing.

Family Update

We added a new grandson, Sam, born to Noah and Holly last December, shortly after we sent our end of year letter out. Sam celebrates his first birthday in just a few days. His older sister Ivy began pre-school in September. Time is flying. They live here in Ottawa.

Dan and Annamaria are in the Toronto area. Both Rebekah and Abigail are in day-care. Hilary has been down to babysit on a few occasions this year. This is because Hilary has remained unemployed. Her position at CRA ended in April. She has made numerous applications and has interviewed for them. Her E.I. runs out in the New Year. We ask you to pray for the following:

If The Lord has a new outside job for Hilary within her skill set, we are open to this. Hilary performs many activities to assist me with I-Hope, and we ask that you pray for The Lord’s will in this. We do need the extra income. We have a sense that The Lord would have her work with me full time in ministry. Please pray The Lord sends the needed support We are asking The Lord to send at least 25 new supporters at $30-$50 per month.

Joshua continues as a teachers’ assistant in Kindergarten in a local school in our neighborhood. It is not unusual to be at the local grocery store and some of his students saying hello to “Mr. Josh.” He truly enjoys this job and we praise God He has provided this for him.

As we close we again praise God and thank you for your standing with us in 2017. We do wish you all a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year. Without your standing alongside us, with The Lord’s guidance we cannot go forward.


Shalom in Christ, Ron & Hilary Grossman


Dear Praying Friends,

We are praising God for allowing us to reach 20 years of ministry as Israel’s Hope, in both Canada and the USA. This is also our 30th year of continuous ministry. Below are some praise and prayer requests we would ask you to remember with us in the coming days.

Family News

Hilary has begun a temporary job back at Canada Revenue Agency. This will run until March 30. We’re asking you to pray with us that either the job is extended, or this prayer request fulfilled: We are praying as a board that The Lord may provide new support that would allow Hilary to be employed full time with the ministry. We do need the extra income that Hilary is able to bring in. Please pray to that end. We are asking that we may see this by the time this “terminal employment” ends on the above date.

Joshua has begun back to work three days a week as an unpaid teacher’s assistant at a school in our neighborhood. This is supervised through the agency that oversees his work activities. We still are waiting for a part time paid position that is suitable for him Please pray.

Ron’s health concerns continue, with a lingering post-surgical infection that has come and gone now since July last year. Just prior to Christmas he was discharged from nursing home-care as it appeared this was ‘finally beaten.’ It ‘reappeared’ during the Christmas New Year break. There is an upcoming medical appointment to assess next steps later this week. Please pray. Pray also for his ongoing recovery from the auto accident of last March.

We praise God we were able to see all four of our grandchildren together as we celebrated Chanukah and Sam’s first birthday on Dec. 9/10. (Noah and Holly’s son). This does not happen as often as we wish with Daniel & Annamaria’s family being 4 hours away one way, in Toronto.

Ministry News

There were two opportunities with unsaved Jewish people in recent weeks. On one, we visited with our son Daniel and his family during the Christmas break in Toronto. On his birthday, Dec. 30, our server at the restaurant we went to was a Jewish fellow named…Daniel. He told us of his recent contact with Chabad in his area. We spoke briefly about this. A tract was left. Please pray.

We have an annual ministry trip to visit supporting churches in the USA southeast that begins March 1, with return home scheduled for March 29. Pray for travel safety, please. There are already 5 speaking dates confirmed for this trip. Getting into new churches has become more difficult in recent years with missions’ budgets maxed out. On this trip we are asking three of our hosts of overnight billeting to consider hosting a house meeting where they will invite their friends from their church and other like-minded churches to meet with me and get an introduction to our ministry. Please pray that The Lord might bring people to these meetings and through this we may see not just interest in prayer and other support, but that perhaps The Lord may call one person from this to consider full time ministry with I-Hope, either in Canada or the USA.

Further to this upcoming trip, please pray that The Lord provides the appropriate resources to meet all expenses on this trip. Pray that The Lord would send enough, ahead of this trip to that end.

As the New Year dawned so did the reality of God’s provision. For twenty years now with this ministry, and ten years prior with our first mission board, we have trusted The Lord as faith missionaries to meet our needs. He has not failed us yet, and to this we praise God.

2018 has brought with it new fiscal challenges. Ontario brought in a carbon tax on January 1. This will result in higher fuel and home heating costs. Market analysts have predicted an increase in the cost of many day to day items like food, clothing etc. As we must be aware of these things, we still return to the promises of The Lord: Matthew 6:30; Wherefore if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall He much more clothe you, o you of little faith?

The Lord has been faithful to us now for 30 years of ministry, the last 20, heading up Israel’s Hope. Would you remember to pray with us that He continue to provide for us in the months ahead?


Shalom in Christ,

Ron & Hilary Grossman