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Faithfully providing a Biblically-based outreach ministry for more than 30 years.
From the desk of
Rev. Ron Grossman
President of Israel's Hope Ministries of Canada
Who We Are...
We are a Canadian based mission dedicated to reaching Jewish people -- and all of God's people -- with The Gospel, through the work of direct evangelism, along with Bible preaching and teaching so as to equip the church in the Great Commission.

Where We Serve...
Across Canada and the Eastern coast of the United States through our American partners.

What We Do...
Evangelism, training in evangelism, local community based Bible studies, pulpit ministry in the local church. Church planting where there is a proven need.
Chanukah/Christmas 2021
Shalom in Christ,
Israel's Hope
Ministries of Canada
Israel's Hope Ministries
is a faith mission dedicated to Bible teaching and evangelism to Jewish and Gentile people, in co-operation with local churches and where seen, as needed, the planting of local churches where a missionary is operating on behalf of the ministry.
Israel's Hope Ministries exists
to preach the Gospel to Jewish people and to help equip the local church for this task.
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Dear Praying Friends;

“And the Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.” Isaiah 11:2

The verse above is a messianic prophecy. So much focus is upon these and other Scripture verses at this Chanukah/Christmas season. This was written to Israel at the time where the Northern & Southern Kingdoms had been divided for more than 200 years. There was doom on the horizon with the Assyrians’ finally taking the North captive in 722 BC. Still, Isaiah wrote more Messianic prophecies than any other prophet in all the Hebrew Scriptures. The amazing thing I always find in God’s Word is God does pronounce judgment, but NEVER forgets His promises. Regardless of Israel’s mistakes, He eventually sent His Son at the right time in history to accomplish the work of redemption for all who call on the name of Jesus for salvation. For more than 33 years now we have taught this to anyone God sends our way; both Jewish and Gentile. Your prayer and sacrifice have allowed us to continue. To that we say thank you, and praise to God.

Our activities this year have been “expanding” as vaccine rollouts allowed us to “get back at it.” Our Montreal Bible study restarted at the end of November. We have one meeting scheduled in mid December, and Lord willing we will see this continue into 2022. We are waiting to hear about restarting our Toronto group in the New Year. Please pray with us.

Our online “virtual church” is found on our YouTube Channel. You can access Israel’s Hope Bible Church Online via our webpage found at Just click on the YouTube icon. There are two new messages per week. This year I have taught through the Book of Acts, 1 & 2 Peter and have just started a new series on the prophet Zechariah. Also in December I am doing a series on Messianic prophecies. Online teaching will continue even as more itinerant preaching will be allowed again.

If you have a Bible related question you can e-mail them to me at and I will answer you as able.

We also have three social media accounts on Facebook: all for different purposes. Look for us there.

As we close 2021, we look ahead to 2022 with true joyful anticipation. There is a pressing financial need currently. We have asked The Lord for an extra $10,000 for the end of the year to cover these needs. Would you pray for The Lord’s provision with us please. May The Lord bless you now and into 2022…. Hilary’s annual family update will continue below.

Family Update

It is hard to believe another year has passed; another year living with COVID and restrictions. I am still working from home, and I love it! The challenges of not being alone in the house is answered by a door! Our most joyful news was welcoming a new grandson this year! Jakob was born at 11:45 pm on Dec 21, 2020. Annamaria’s premature labour at 34 weeks, forced her to stop work, so they asked me to come down to help. I shared a basement office with Daniel, who would take the girls to school and pick them up at the end of the day. When they got home, I went to job #2. It was my first time being away from home that long. After a couple of false labor alarms, Jakob finally arrived an extremely healthy 6 lbs plus getting to the 37th week & a few days. Due to COVID, both Daniel and Annamaria had to stay in hospital coming home Dec 22. The girls, Rebekah and Abby were already on Xmas Break. It was so joyous to be there to welcome home our newest grandchild! Ron and Josh came down Dec 27 for his bris and we went home Dec 31. Daniel wanted us to be with him for his 40th birthday on Dec 30. It was quite the month; bittersweet as Ron and Josh were alone on Christmas, which is also Ron’s birthday. Last summer saw a relaxing of COVID regulations and for the first time in over a year, we enjoyed the National Art Gallery, a separate Van Gogh Exhibit, a couple of CFL football games, and some restaurant meals again. After not seeing Noah and the kids for 16 months, other that at the door, it was so wonderful to finally give them all huge hugs. I cried and cried. Annamaria and the kids spent a week here this summer. It was glorious to have all six grands together! We had many activities, and the kids had a great visit. This year I was made an indeterminate employee which means I am no longer on contract. I just work! Josh, unfortunately, cannot go back to his volunteer position as a teacher’s aide as visitors are not allowed in the schools. His ZOOM meetings have also ended. A challenge lies ahead to find activities for Josh. His Special Olympics Bowling has restarted, and he bowled a high of 206! I was a proud coach and Mum! Wearing masks has become second nature to us. We still must wear masks indoors. With that we have no problem. We must all do our part to stop this monster. We are all vaccinated as well. Now, our next project will be to see all our family and friends in the USA. We will wait until COVID flattens a bit more there. Noah and family are all well. Holly started a dry flower wreath business. Her creations are gorgeous! All the kiddies are in school; Ivy in grade two and Sam in pre-K and Theo in pre school for 2 mornings a week. Noah had a promotion at work. Daniel also had a promotion at work. Annamaria goes back to work in January and Jakob will be going to daycare. And that concludes another “Grossman Year.” May The Lord bless you as He has blessed us, at this time and into the New Year. Thank you for praying and sacrificing for us in 2021.