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Faithfully providing a Biblically-based outreach ministry for more than 30 years.
From the desk of
Rev. Ron Grossman
President of Israel's Hope Ministries of Canada
Who We Are...
We are a Canadian based mission dedicated to reaching Jewish people -- and all of God's people -- with The Gospel, through the work of direct evangelism, along with Bible preaching and teaching so as to equip the church in the Great Commission.

Where We Serve...
Across Canada and the Eastern coast of the United States through our American partners.

What We Do...
Evangelism, training in evangelism, local community based Bible studies, pulpit ministry in the local church. Church planting where there is a proven need.
Autumn 2021
Shalom in Christ,
Israel's Hope
Ministries of Canada
Israel's Hope Ministries
is a faith mission dedicated to Bible teaching and evangelism to Jewish and Gentile people, in co-operation with local churches and where seen, as needed, the planting of local churches where a missionary is operating on behalf of the ministry.
Israel's Hope Ministries exists
to preach the Gospel to Jewish people and to help equip the local church for this task.
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Dear Praying Friends;

“Come see a man, which told me all things that I ever did: is not this The Messiah?”

The verse above reminded me of a person that I shared the truth of Messiah with years ago. These words belong to the Samaritan woman that Jesus met at “Jacob’s Well” in Samaria. (See John 4:1-35). When Jesus was heading north returning to Galilee, He did not do what all other Jewish people did in that day. The Jewish leadership avoided Samaria and made a detour through Pereia. This was to avoid the “half breed Samaritans;” the descendants of those of Israel, left behind by the Babylonians, who intermarried with surrounding nation peoples. Nobody wanted anything to do with these outcasts. However, Jesus went to them, and the result of His visit with the Samaritan woman was her declaration as above: “Come see a man…Para.”

Many years ago I met a Jewish man named Seth, who lived in Houlton, Maine. I was there during one of my annual visits to New Brunswick Bible Institute. The day I was heading over the border to go to a church to speak, I went early, to “see whom I may see.” I walked into Seth’s store. He was about my age, a survivor of the ‘60’s/’70’s like me, originally from Long Island, NY.’ He had “left New York to get away from things;” things he would not discuss. He looked troubled; I will always remember his empty eyes. That night at church I mentioned Seth. Yes, everyone knew him. Some spoke of sharing The Gospel with him, but someone said, “he’s not interested.” It was if the church there was not interested. But that day Seth did listen and took a tract. A year later I was back with my colleague Bill Aiken. We went to see Seth. When we got there the store was closed and he was gone. I do not know what happened to Seth. Like the Samaritan woman he listened. God knows where Seth is today. Recently, a Jewish contact in Montreal was put back in touch with us. There is a family crisis that burdens this person right now, who is a believer in Messiah. The family member is not a follower of Messiah. Please pray with us. It is God Who brings these people to us.

It has been 33 years that we have worked to bring The Gospel to Jewish people/all people. Too often I have heard responses like; “yes that is Seth; he’s really not interested.” Jesus still went to the Samaritans because He is God. He cares about all His creation. Regardless of the lack of interest we sometimes encounter within today’s church for Jewish people and The Gospel we still are going. And until The Lord says otherwise, we will continue to go.

It is now the last half of the autumn. Where we live, we see farmers harvesting their fields. This autumn has been exceptionally warm and there was an extended growing season. Like Jesus remarked at the end of this passage while in Samaria, “the fields are white unto harvest.”-John 4:35. So it is too with people in Canada.

Recently we returned from New Brunswick visiting churches, fellow believers, and spending time at New Brunswick Bible Institute.

Pray for the Province of New Brunswick. While we were there they were being “locked back down regionally” due to covid.

We held our annual Bible Prophecy Conference virtually online on Oct. 30. Although attendance was just below last years mark, we rejoice in the messages delivered by my co-speaker, Carl Teichrib. We hope to have those messages posted to our YouTube channel soon.

Our online teaching continues with Israel’s Hope Bible Church Online. You can find all messages on YouTube or Facebook. Go to our webpage at where you can click either the YouTube or Facebook icon to find us.

This year we have been doing some needed “ministry renovations.” Our webpage was updated, and there are plans to do a major renovation of that page in 2022. We have also had to review policies and practices. Our new CPA Shailene has been extremely helpful in this.

We will be restarting our Montreal Bible study group in late November for the first time since February 2020. The same is planned for our Toronto group which was just getting going when we all had to “stop going” the last 20 months. We believe it is time for us to “Get Going” again. Please pray as we begin these endeavours

There are now special needs in relation to the policies review. As well general giving has been down. Right now we have pressing needs as we wind down 2021.

Would you pray with us that The Lord might send an extra $10,000.00 between now and the end of the year. This will allow us to keep ministry going and to start 2022 well.

Thank you for standing with us in the work The Lord has given us. Without your prayer and sacrifice we would not be able to proceed.